New Electric Guitar and Classical Guitar Lessons

ARTS in the City is proud to announce our new Musical Instruments Class offerings: Electric Guitar and Classical Guitar.


Coming from a musical family, Rich taught himself to play the guitar at age 12. He then learned different guitar techniques from his mentor Butch Roxas through 3 years of attending Band Camp, classical guitar technique under Maestro Joe Valdez, a master class under Michael Dadap, and playing with different bands, Rich is now prepared to teach what he has learned from the best instructors.


1. Course 1 – INTRODUCTION TO NOTE READING FOR GUITAR and ADVANCED GUITAR TECHNIQUES – An introductory course on learning the notes on the musical staff, and how they correspond to the fretboard. There will be solfeggio (of course) and rhythmic studies, all in relation to the guitar. Advanced Guitar Techniques will be an in-depth study of right and left hand techniques covering different styles: from finger-style, flat picking to classical. Viable for electric, steel string and nylon.

2. Course 2 – WORLD GUITAR – World Guitar will be a survey of a conglomeration of styles, from jazz (swing, bebop, fusion), tango, bossa and samba, to classical. This is for intermediate guitar players, e.g. guitarists that can play basic chords and know a little improvisation on the instrument. Some note reading will be needed to explain the concepts involved. A study of these forms will teach the student the basic rhythms, harmonies, and improvisational techniques that distinguish the particular style and, more importantly, how these forms are utilized and fused by artists today.

CLASSICAL GUITAR by Carlo Antonio Bañaga Juan

Call the ARTS in the City registrar for more information.

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